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Captain Nitwit C.D. Hopkins

Captain Nitwit

C.D. Hopkins

Published September 27th 2009
ISBN : 9781440166693
412 pages
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 About the Book 

You nitwit! These arent Faye Wallaces last words, but they are the last ones her husband understands. A few hours later, Faye is dead, and Toby is a widower, beset by new and incomprehensible problems. Was Faye really leaving him, as his sister-in-law claims? Why do his daughters suddenly accuse him of behavior he cant even bring himself to imagine? Everyone seems to be misinterpreting him, including some of the long-time customers who patronize his shoe store. Through it all, his sister stands by him. Then she too appears to doubt him.Set in Massachusetts and California, Captain Nitwit is a gently comic but disturbing coming-of-age novel, encompassing the 55th year of a man to whom, until now, nothing much has happened