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Creating Your Extraordinary Life: 52 Weeks of Transformational Steps, Change Your Life One Week at A Time Sage Tomlinson

Creating Your Extraordinary Life: 52 Weeks of Transformational Steps, Change Your Life One Week at A Time

Sage Tomlinson

Published February 3rd 2014
Kindle Edition
114 pages
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 About the Book 

Im tired of being stuck in the same place Ive been for years....Have you found yourself saying this over and over and over again, but not knowing what to do or never getting around to it?Do you find it difficult to overcome obstacles?What if you applied success factors that helped you not only get through them but helped you use reframing to amp up your personal success and create your extraordinary life?A 365-Day Challenge in Easy, Manageable Steps Because Good Habits Create Strong Personal Success Over TimeJoin us in a 365-day challenge to give your life a makeover, push in the right direction. As one success factor says, it only takes a small change in the right direction and over time, you easily arrive at your desired destination.If you are ready to give up your excuses and fear and start living your dreams, this is the book for you.“Creating Your Extraordinary Life” is a book that gets you off your butt and inspires you into action. But its not just a motivational book, it gives you real steps to take to help you get where you want to go, exploring diverse areas of your life.I Want to Change Now....I know you probably want to change everything in a month, a 30-day challenge not a 365-day challenge. And you can change something in a month, but lets be real, there are no quick-fixes.Real change, lasting changes comes when you develop strong, good habits that you continue over time. Personal success takes time. It takes courage to stick with your new success factors, the steps you need to take to live your dreams. Youll be able sample them here and pick the ones that work for you to continue for real, lasting change.52-Weeks of Personal SuccessFor every week of the year, this book gives you a new quote for reflection, a concept to inspire and empower you, and an assignment to take you closer to fulfilling your dreams and creating your extraordinary life.The book includes practical applications for success factors, personal success, how to overcome obstacles, reframing, and some neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques.Stand Up For Your Life Now. Dont Let It Pass You By.If youre in the same stuck place you were last year and the year before and the year before.... and you keep telling yourself youll get to your goals and dreams after the kids are in college, after youve lost 20 pounds, after you find a job, after you find the time, after you feel worthy, or whatever your excuse is, stop it now!Youll never be in the perfect position to live your dreams, so youll never do it unless you make a commitment to do it now. Now is the time to get up, stand up for your dreams and tell yourself youll never let another year go by without moving in the direction of your goals and dreams. You dont want to wake up in another 10 years and realize your life has passed you by without any of goals and dreams coming true.Yes, Its a Risk.And it takes courage to commit to your dreams, but I know you can do it, one week at a time in this ultimate 365-day challenge, by applying success factors, overcoming obstacles, reframing the situation, using neuro-linguistic programming, stepping into your personal success, and creating your extraordinary life.Just 1 tip here could change everything for you!Get this book today to get new inspiration, new strategies, and a new take on some classic strategies. This is a book designed to make you think and take action. Make this the best year of your life yet. Create it instead of watching it go by. Do it now!My Free Gift to You Just For Showing UpGet a no-cost report (value: $27), “Dynamic Goal Setting: Set Goals That Really Work” at http://ippublishing.wordpress.com/free-gift-2.Get the book.